Thursday, July 13, 2006

Random thoughts #4...Things no one told me about having kids...

or, things that people told me, but I didn't really believe until I experienced it for myself. This may be an ongoing theme...and men may want to proceed with caution...just to warn you...

1. Nursing hurts. They say if you're doing it right, it doesn't. But really that's bullshit. It still hurts for the first 2 weeks even if you're doing it right. Especially if your son is a voracious eater. That kid has some powerful suction. After the first 2-3 weeks...they're right, it doesn't hurt.

2. I got things called skin tags. They're weird little pieces of skin that stick out. Mine are under my armpits. Maybe they're not caused by pregnancy, could be I'm just getting old.

3. My feet grew. Well, probably not grew in the traditional sense, but they flattened out, so I had to get bigger shoes. My Aunt's feet grew 1 full size with each child (she has 2). Mine only grew after K. And only a half-size. But it's still annoying since I used to work at a shoe store and I have about 70 pairs of shoes from that time...too bad none of them fit me anymore.

This is the one men might want to avoid reading:

4. My periods got heavier. I was always a very light kind of girl, until I had kids. Now it's like buy the heavy flow pads and hope for the best. And wash the jean shorts all week because I have to wear dark clothes in case of leaks. Ick. Similarly, I can't stand tampons anymore. I don't know what my issue is there, but it's probably for the best.

Okay, possibly safer material:

5. I had 2 c-sections. Now, every so often I clench my stomach, or try to use my limited abdominal muscles (they're in there somewhere) and something inside "catches." And it hurts. Mildly, but it still hurts. It feels like things that shouldn't be sticking together, are sticking together. Probably some of those adhesions the doctors were talking about during K's section that made it last so long. I must be a real mess inside.

6. Stretch marks. They're really hideous. I have them everywhere. My Mom had 2 kids and she has none. What's the deal on that one?

7. My boobs went south. Way down south. The best bra would not save me. Those with small ones...count your blessings. Mine went from a C/borderline D to full D, and they're definitely not perky. And they did not "go back" to their original size.

8. I was able to love my second child just as much as the first. Completely. Instantaniously (once I finally got to hold him).

9. Once I had 2 kids, I wondered how I was so busy with only one. (Although she was pretty high-maintenance.)

10. About 1 hour after K was born, I wanted another one...we'll see what happens I guess. No luck yet (shhhhh. don't tell anyone I said that).

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Sandy said...

I'm right with you on numbers 1-4. As for number 10, NO WAY! I love my children, but one more would make me run far, far away, hysterically laughing all the way!

angi said...

I am LMBO reading your blog & I just started!! These things are SOOO true for me too (although I am what you call lucky & little in the boob department...hehehe)!

Thanks for stopping by my blog & Happy Birthday to your little ones too :)

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