Saturday, July 15, 2006

The party est fini...

We survived the big birthday party. It was HOT. And we do not have central air. We do have a wall unit...apparently it worked okay. We ended up with 24 adults (including us), 3 teens, and 16 kids 4 or younger (including ours). So what is that? 43 people? 3 people who said they were coming, didn't come.

I made 6 -2 foot subs. We had all the fixins that I could think of. I also made macaroni salad (my MIL calls it pea salad), a fruit salad with pineapple, grapes, blueberries and watermelon...and a couple of dips with crackers. And some Mac and Cheese for the kids. I put it in a crock-pot after it was finished...M ate 2 plates...not sure about the rest, but, well, M ate 2 plates. That's a lot for her. It either was really good or she was starving.

The sandwiches seemed to be a big hit, especially with some of the Dads.

I made a cake for each kid, and cupcakes for the rest. I forgot to take a photo of the kids' cakes...bad Mommy!

Kurt said I would post that it was a great party, but it was about 9000 degrees so most of the people were sweating their asses off outside. In my case, this is a good thing, but not everyone is as big as me. I finally got to eat a little bit at about 3 o' first meal of the'd think I would be less fat. Anywho.

I also have a terrible sense of timing at the parties we have. I never know when to eat, open presents, do cake and ice cream, play. I just wing it, and hope for the best. But that inner Martha is thinking "you've screwed this up!"

Another crappy thing about hosting parties is, you don't get to talk to your guests. Well, sometimes hubby does, and I spoke, maybe 5 words to each and every guest, but darn if I didn't want more time to talk to people! (Okay, adults!)

M's little boyfriend that she wanted to invite came, with his older brother and his Dad. She gave him a few hugs during the party. He pretended... a not like it. Turns out his Dad and Craig went to high school together. They weren't pals or anything then...but small world.

In general, the party went pretty well. They now have 563,901 toys (each), but they had fun. I know they did.

I bought 3 new shirts the other day. I spent $26. Wow, I'm pretty frivolous with our money.

Anywho. I have about half of the "thank yous" done.

Done with parties for another year...whohoo!

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Sandy said...

I thought the party was executed beautifully, but I know what you mean about feeling the "hostess stress" about timing.
Annika and the boys loved the party, and Kurt and I also met a couple of people we had A LOT in common with (I had worked for a very short time at Marshall Fields with Kristen, and Karissa and husband lived in Superior for a time). Fun!

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