Wednesday, June 28, 2006

1 pesky photo that would not load...and another topic

Okay, so one more after this one. I wanted to post this photo in one of the two previous posts but it wasn't cooperating. So I'll put it in it's very own post. Maybe it will think it's special enough to actually upload now. Figures my brother is in the photo. He just HAS to be all special.

Oh and I just want to share how classy my family is. You're all jealous. I know you are. The topic of conversation for much of the week was flatulence. Other body functions too, but mostly passing gas. Apparently when we're on vacation we relax completely. Butt muscles included. I said "we" but I only did it once. I swear.

Craig was picking on me for not going fishing more so I told him "I didn't come on vacation here to fish. Apparently I came to relax and to talk about flatulence."

So there you have it. We're a classy bunch.

Speaking of the topic of brother and I had decided a few months ago that the word flatulence would be a word that GW would use, but incorrectly. So his speech would go something like this:

"The interest rates just cannot stay stable in this economy. The rates are really flatulent."


"It doesn't matter when I meet with the Prime Minister. I'm flatulent."

So these are the things that go on in my head... I might be a redneck.

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