Thursday, July 24, 2014

Now She is Twelve

 My beautiful first baby turned 12 on Monday. She's now 5 foot 8 inches...if I am generous with myself I am 5 foot I'm thinking she's going to be taller than I am. She outgrew the outfit I have taken photos of her in at every birthday so that tradition is, sadly, finished for her. The tree we've taken photos by for the last 12 years is not looking well. It was a very hard winter. Perhaps it will come back. Perhaps it will be another tradition that will pass us by.
 This first baby of mine is so fun to get to know. This last year has brought maturity to her, and we've gotten to be friends on a different level than before. She still thinks I suck though because I am her parent first and that's not so fun for her. She gets grumpy at me but I can still make her laugh easily.
I am so lucky to have her. I love my Miss M.

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Deborah said...

Heather - it gets better ... and worse. My M is 13 and a complete teenager. Love her maturity (sporadic as it is) and being able to talk grown-up; but boy oh boy, attitude is the middle name, especially when her froends are around.

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