Tuesday, August 7, 2012

When Nature Strikes

Kee Nee Moo Sha Resort in Northern Minnesota.

We spend one week in Northern Minnesota every July with my extended family. My aunt and uncle and their kids, my brother, his wife and their kids, my parents, us. I think it's a week most of us look forward to each year. My mom went to the same resort with her parents and siblings when she was a girl. My grandparents took my family when I was young. This year was our fifth year and the memories we're making not only for our kids, but for us, the grown-ups, are fantastic.

One night this year a storm came up in the evening and we heard a loud crack and a scream from our cabin. The game room and loft were next to our cabin. A tree fell, crushing the front of the loft. Luckily, most of the children had left when they were told. One child, a 14-year-old, left, but realized he'd forgotten his sandals so he went back. When the tree fell he was standing in the doorway on the small porch.

It was quite a lot of excitement for the resort. We were all grateful that no one was hurt (and how close was that!) and the loft will be repaired.

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