Wednesday, August 15, 2012

The Reluctant Sewer

Is sewer a person who sews or did I just title this about a tube that shuttles excrement? ::shrugs:: Perhaps I will gain a whole new readership.

I don't actually mind sewing when I'm in the process of the act. It's concrete. I see my results and feel that I've accomplished something. When the list of things that need mending grows long, however, I balk at the task. I'll put it all off for weeks, even months just for the fact that the list seems overwhelming. Then, one morning or one evening I'll haul the lot out and sew it all in one fell swoop. I'll feel fantastic that I accomplished so much, then let the jobs pile up again. I hand sew most scout patches and badges. Better to do that than to lose the hard-earned item.

Do you mend things or do you just toss them away if there is a hole? I lean towards mending unless it is a sock or underwear.

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Jessica said...

I do the same thing, I always let the mending pile up and then do it all in one fell swoop, usually when the boyfiend is hollering that all his pants have holes.... :)

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