Friday, August 17, 2012

Creative Kids

We had a craft party tonight, courtesy of Mommy Parties and Faber Castell. We invited 9 kids besides my own three and only 2 others showed up. So yeah, I love it when I put time into things like this and almost no one comes.

But the 2 friends that did join us had a good time and I was able to give an extra take-home kit for one of the younger sisters to alleviate some of the jealousy that happens when one kid gets to do something and a sibling doesn't. (Not that I know anything about that.)

My son is so in to crafting he didn't even seem to care that he was making a headband. Then he went outside to play while the rest of the girls made bracelets. It was fun for us girls! Even my 4-year-old had fun.

I had necklaces ready to go, but one hour was obviously not enough time to get all of our crafting goals finished. I'll probably take the necklaces to a Girl Scout meeting and let my troop be creative.

Thanks to Mommy Parties and Faber Castell for the really awesome crafting kits. We'll give the rest of our books and trinket boxes to friends and family that we know love crafts as well!

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