Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Memories and friends

Snippets of memories come to me at odd times.

D sneaks into my purse to score a Tic Tac. I remember asking my Grandma for a Certs or a Vitamint. She almost always carried one or the other.

We remember my Grandpa: holding me in his legs, reading me bedtime stories with the book upside down, going for "rides" only to pull into the garage from the end of the driveway.

My mom and the kids and I visited the city where my dad grew up a few weeks ago. We vaguely remembered the path to the farm where my dad was raised. We found it. I had only my cell phone to take a distant photo.

I learned to always bring the fancy camera with the lenses. If I don't bring it, I wish I had. If I do bring it, it stays in the case most of the time.

My Godson was confirmed last Sunday. He's 14 and taller than I am already...and at 5'9" I'm not the shortest woman in the world (also not the tallest). His mom is my BFF even though we go months without talking. It takes moments for us to reconnect.

I remember babysitting my Godson before I was married, before I had kids...Craig and I (dating at the time) babysat him overnight. He was almost one year old then. It was easy, yet not, because he was (and is) a good kid, because we weren't used to kids.

My BFF's family feels, at times, like mine. One of her brothers, and her four sisters sang at our wedding. Their voices, I'm sure, blessed everyone in attendance. Our pastor at the time commented something about angels singing. It was true. My friend and her family gave us a great gift when they consented to sing at our wedding. Today, her father remembered one of the songs his children sang and remembered our pastor's words. Her father said he thought it was the best he'd heard his kids sing this particular hymn. They sang it for us. I'm so thankful I have a videotape of our ceremony.

I think the test of true friendship is that you can be apart for long periods of time, yet still come together as if no time has passed. I have this with my friend, and I am so grateful for her. She is the one constant, that no matter what happens, we are friends.

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great auntie sue said...

you are so lucky to still have her friendship, my "NY bff" seems to not have much for me lately

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