Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The Grass is Always Greener

Mostly frivolous things I would change if I could:

  1. I would have light blonde curly hair. (I had light blonde hair as a child but it's very dark brown...and some grey...now.)
  2. I'd not have asthma and I'd be a natural runner. Running seems like a wonderful and relaxing activity, but it's never been natural to me. As a kid I suspected I had asthma but it was never so bad that I brought it up with my parents. (See also: I'm stoopid.)
  3. Small talk would be second nature.
  4. I would not need contacts or glasses.
  5. I would have had natural labors with all of my children. It was the plan with our first, but she was in fetal distress early. I recently watched a documentary that said the use of Cytotec in pregnancy inducement lead to greater incidence of c-section delivery and also refusal to nurse in babies. M was induced with pitocin and this drug. We had a c-section and she also refused to nurse. Maybe I wasn't such a crappy first time mom and I had other factors against me.
  6. I would have at least tried a VBAC with my son. Fear held me back.
  7. Events that changed my life would not have happened. (Though, I guess I wouldn't be me, right?)
  8. I'd have a continuous stream of requests for photography sessions.
  9. Money would never be a worry.
  10. The people I love would live forever. (I don't ever want to lose these people I love. How will I ever cope with the inevitable?) 

2 people like me!:

Michelle Pfingston said...

I'd have curly curly hair and a much smaller belly

Sarah said...

With you on 3 and 5 especially.

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