Sunday, September 25, 2011

Probably Not the Look They're Going For

Just a little story that made me laugh:

I was driving the kids to our church for their weekly bell practice. (The Bigs love bells so far, which I think is pretty awesome.)

There are two routes to our church. I can take the highway or cut through town. Neither way is faster than the other in my opinion.

Last week I went the town route. We were stopped at a light when Miss M noticed a couple of people crossing the road on the other side of the street. It happened to be a Muslim couple.

The man was dressed in familiar Western attire. The woman wore a full burqa. It's not completely unfamiliar to see this in our city. We live in the home of the Mayo Clinic, which brings people from all over the world. My kids go to a school where many of the girls wear head coverings. It doesn't seem to phase the kids.

So when my kids saw the woman in a burqa I was somewhat surprised that they had never seen that before.

Miss M made me laugh though. "She looks like a girl NINJA! ... "

And she sort of did resemble a ninja. I wish she had ninja powers.

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