Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Dear Readers,

I assume there are at least a couple of you because I get feedback from you either in person or in emails or on Twitter...

I have the urge to apologize for not writing as much, but I won't. I'm BUSY. This week? Almost overwhelmingly busy. And it's good. I have photography sessions lining up. I have Girl Scout sessions to plan, preschool lesson plans to execute, homework to oversee and swimming, choir and bells practice that I must act as chauffeur for.

Following the photography sessions, I have usually an hour or two of editing of photos, not to mention the time uploading photos to Facebook and my photography website.

M and K have both told me that I'm never home. They exaggerate, of course. I'm still home more often than not though these last weeks (and this week we are in) are unusually taxing on my time. I still managed to read two chapters out loud to the Bigs (not last night, but the two prior nights) while laying in bed with them.

D was awake every hour to half-hour Sunday night until 6:15 when she finally let go of her supper all over the master bed. Craig had already left for work so I stripped the bed of the regurgitated hot dogs and comforted the confused 3-year-old. D was supposed to go to PAIIR school so I had to call and cancel that and also had to make sure M got to school early for safety patrol.

Have I mentioned this week is pretty much going to be the busiest week EVAH? My calendar has at least 4 things on each day (in addition to the normal crap we have to do).

One of the things this week is K Man's appointment regarding the ADD assessment. I know there is something going on with him but I'm still not convinced it's ADD. He sat perfectly for church on Sunday and for Craig's Aunt's funeral last weekend. I'm still thinking it's something like dyslexia that is causing the problems, but I'm trying to keep an open mind. If the knee-jerk reaction from the assessment is medication Craig and I will need some time to digest and think about that. It's not the first solution in my mind. I've also heard that giving a person with ADD caffeine can help. We tried this with K last weekend and he was even more wired than ever so this is NOT a solution for us.

My photography sessions have been running around one hour or a little more than one hour, which really isn't long, but when you think that in-studio mass-market places give you 15 minutes and charge almost as much for a session I think I offer more value and more room for individuality. All of my clients have been really happy with the results so far so I'm optimistic that things will move up hill from here.

I donated a photo session to help my cousin who is battling that STOOPID cancer asshat. She had a benefit in her honor last weekend but I was unable to attend because we had a funeral. I sent my gift certificate with my parents and was delighted to find that the session brought (written) face value, and according to my mom, it was one of the higher-priced silent auction items. It made me happy to know I helped my cousin even though I couldn't be at the benefit.

I still have 3 things listed on Craig's list. I wish they would sell because that would be supah awesome.

If I'm not too overwhelmed tonight after the super exciting PTA meeting I hope to get a Wordless Wednesday up for tomorrow. But don't hold your breath because I'm lazy even when I'm insanely busy.


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Holly said...

Wow, that's a lot going on. I'm so sorry to hear about your cousin. Cancer does indeed suck.

I hope K's evaluation goes well. If you don't think it's ADD, is there a way to test for dyslexia? Or have you considered testing for auditory processing disorder?

It's great your photography is taking off!


kelleysbeads said...

Hooray for increasing photoshoots for you! Sending good thoughts your way for K-man and figuring out the right solution for him.

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