Sunday, July 10, 2011

The Rumors of My Death Have Been Greatly Exaggerated

...if there have been any rumors, that is.

I've been on vacation with my extended family. Those of you who have been (excruciatingly) reading my blog for a while know what that means. There will be vacation recaps. You will be subjected to reliving my vacation with me. There will be photos, but not nearly enough to dissipate the pain of all the words and the classlessness. (Woo! Who knew that classlessness was really a word? I thought for sure I just coined something new.) The good news is that I will probably spread the pain out over several days. And you can ignore the posts, but I'm pretty sure they'll read a little like watching a train wreck. So you choose.

Honestly, it was a week at the lake with limited Internet access (which, if you know me, is kind of painful...but mostly it wasn't). Imagine how smart I felt when I got home and realized the reason the laptop wouldn't connect to the WiFi was because the WiFi switch had been somehow turned off. I don't think I turned it off, but I wish I had been smart enough to check that. Me not smart.

I had some access with my iPad, just enough to take the edge off...and that probably was a good thing. Internet was agonizingly slow as well, which took some of the charm of it away. When you have to wait 5 minutes to see a photo, the photo seems less interesting. I don't know how survived before high-speed.

But we're home now and trying to unpack and return to normal life. It will take a few days to adjust I suppose. The kids will be tired and cranky and resist limits that they have lacked for a week. It is worth it for the time we spend "up north" with family. They will retain these memories for a lifetime. I will too.

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