Friday, May 27, 2011

Things I think about when I should be sleeping

  • If I write a bucket list, does it need to be hand written so I can carry it around with me and cross things out if/when they are accomplished?
  • Do I need to shave in the morning? I should probably get up a little early so I can raze the forest on my legs. Or not. Zzzzzzz.
  • Why do the sheets always end up around my waist? What am I doing when I sleep? My husband is only minimally involved in this. I think.
  • Did I miss an appointment today? Wait! Do I have an appointment tomorrow?
  • What should I pack the kids for lunch tomorrow?
  • I wonder if I will sleep walk tonight? It's always fun to find things in new places. Stress, FTW!
  • How big of a mess will the kids make before I wake up in the morning?
  • Is it going to snow tomorrow? (Related: Why do we live in Minnesota?)
  • What did I forget?
  • Did I forget something?
  • I kind of have to pee.
  • Should I get up to pee or just lay here and hope I fall asleep?
  • Which of my kids just crawled into the bedroom?
  • I could use a drink of water.
  • Can I send that kid to get me a drink or should I step over her/him to get it myself?
  • Dang. What if I step on my own kid on the way to get a drink? I'm pretty sure there would be bone breakage or worse.
  • How many hours are left before I have to get my big butt out of bed?
  • Don't look at the clock. Don't do it! You're not supposed to look it makes it worse!
  • I'm the only person awake in this house. What is wrong with me?
  • I should probably get up and pee.
  • Okay, I'm back.
  • Why didn't I get a drink of water while I was up?
  • My stomach is rumbling. You're not supposed to eat this late at night. No wonder I have a weight problem.
  • I kind of hate the refrigerator right now.
  • If I pretend, it's not there. Sleep me. Sleep.
  • Fine. Just a little bit of food. Then I need to go to sleep.
  • Mmmm.
  • Thank goodness I remembered to get a drink of water as well.
  • Which kid is in my bed right now? That's my spot, Kid!
  • I love to cuddle with my kids.

3 people like me!:

Holly said...

I heart you!

Chelsea said...

Haha I laughed out loud in a couple places because I can relate to some of those, especially the "How many hours are left before I have to get out of bed? Don't look at the clock. Don't do it!"

louann said...

You think way too much! Go get some sleep LOL!

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