Monday, April 4, 2011

Will Facebook be the End of Class Reunions?

Just a few years ago I had no idea what Facebook was. I think it was after a school shooting of all things that I first heard about it. With some encouragement from my younger cousin, I joined and still had no idea what I was supposed to be doing. I think I wrote something like "When is the fun supposed to start?" I'd guess it took about one year or so before I'd finally figured most of it out. The more "friends" you have that participate and interact, the better it is. I have some "friends" that never post anything and never comment on anything though. They make me think they just want to spy on my life (and others'), which is pretty sad. Within the last year or so I started accepting "friend" requests from people I went to high school with that maybe I wasn't that great of friends with in high school. Outside of high school, I didn't associate much with my classmates. I had a boyfriend most of the time I was in school and we did things with his friends most of the time. In some ways, I regret that, but the past is the past and I did what I wanted at the time. What's happened with reconnecting with my former classmates is that I've discovered "new" old friends. I've gotten together with women I went to high school with but didn't hang out with in high school. Just having the connection of the same high school and the same classmates seems to bring us together. It feels strange and comfortable at once. I see others making plans to get together through Facebook as well. It seems as though the people who want to reconnect would do so through Facebook if it is possible and those who don't are probably not on Facebook and probably wouldn't attend a reunion anyway. So does Facebook make class reunions somewhat obsolete? What do you think?

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Life As I Know It said...

It's an interesting question and I have thought the same fact a big part of why I didn't go to my 20 year was because I had connected with almost everyone via facebook and didn't feel the big need to drive 3.5 hours to attend.

Jessica said...

I had my 10 year High School reunion in 2009 and I chose not to go mostly because of facebook. I was on the fence because of the price, the location, the date and the fact that we would need a hotel room and since I've spoken to and caught up with everyone I knew back then I thought, why waste the money. So, I didn't go and I haven't regretted it for a minute. Oh, facebook.

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