Tuesday, April 5, 2011

When Kids Sing Along With the Radio

My kids sing along with songs on the radio and I know for the most part they have no idea what the songs are really about, and thank goodness for that. Most of the songs that are played on the top 40 radio station here in our city seem filled with messages that I don't really want to explain to my young kids.

I admit I cringe sometimes when I hear them singing along with some of the songs. Then I listen to what the kids are singing and I know they really have no idea what the song means. For instance, Rihanna's song Rude Boy

This song in particular makes me cringe when I hear my kids sing along with it, but I know they don't know what "get it up" means so to them it is just a song.

M gets to the chorus and sings "Take it, take it, baby baby, take it, take it, POPPY LOPPY." I'm pretty sure that's not right.

And K sings the chorus and proves he goes to a very ethnically diverse school: "Take it, take it, baby baby, take it, take it, ABDULLAHI." I'd guess there aren't many songs devoted to boys named Abdullahi. Maybe K Man could fill a niche there.

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Holly said...

Heh! Awesome. I'd love to know what they think the lyrics to her song S&M are.

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