Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Things That Irritate Me About Survivor

Disclaimer: I have watched every season of Survivor. I have not watched every episode of every season, but it is close. That said (words that irritate me about The Bachelor...a show I confess I have rarely watched but I have developed my own irritations anyway!) there are things about Survivor that irritate me every season.

Jeff says, "On my go," before the challenges.

They replay the last 3o seconds before the commercials at the first 30 seconds after the commercials.

Everyone seems surprised that they have no fire and no shelter when they arrive at the game.

Similarly, when the rains come and stuff gets ruined because they didn't think they needed that great of a shelter...and they all freeze and ruin food stuffs...WTF? Survivor has been on for more than 10 years. Perhaps learn some ideas for how to survive before you arrive?

At tribal counsils, Jeff says he'll "go tally the votes" but he really just goes to grab the vote holder thingie.

What bugs you about the show? (Besides everything if you're not a fan!)

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