Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Keep Track of Things

One of the things I miss as my kids get older are the mispronunciations of words. My son, at 6, still confuses words once in a while but Miss M has mostly past this stage of development. I loved those unique words the kids made as toddlers and I still enjoy D's own language.

Miss M frequently asked for "bapes" as a toddler. (grapes to those without toddlers)

K Man called his pacifier a "ginkie." Even today he calls our home addition the "caddition."

I'm afraid I've forgotten most of their toddler words. Did I write about any here? I'm not sure.

So I write about D. Her toddler words make me smile daily. Her pacifier? Doo doo. Why? I haven't the slightest idea. It's been Doo doo since she could talk about it. I love it. She loves "booberries" and has recently started declaring "Howee Cop!" (Thanks to her older siblings.) I've already said she likes to inform me when she has "fawted."

I want to document it all with Ms. D and I want to go back, just for a few moments to remember the other kids' language. I feel like I missed it because I didn't write it down. Hindsight.

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mayberry said...

My 5 yr old is still saying "free" for "three" which I love. And I still remember how my 8 yr old would ask for "coffles with cheenit butter" (waffles with peanut butter). Awww.

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