Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Unforeseen Issues Regarding Bathroom Remodel

Our bathroom was mostly hideous. But if you like baby blue, you'd probably have found it quaint. I did my best to improve the room with cute little touches-- photos of my babies in bathtubs and fancy knobs for the vanity. Slowly over the last year and half the bathroom has been transforming. The baby blue tub has been gone for about a year. The new tub/shower is in a new location, making our bathroom bigger than it was before. Where the old bathroom rested, we have custom cabinets.

Yesterday the first part of the process for laying tile in our bathroom was started. We will be unable to use our main bathroom for the 3 days that the whole process takes, but it will be worth it in the end. It will be wonderful when it's done.

However there were a few unforeseen issues regarding this (specifically floor) remodel. First, when you're used to putting in your contacts just before you hop in the shower it feels weird to insert contacts while standing in your kitchen. When you feel the need to use the restroom and you are accustomed to going upstairs it is against nature to head the other direction. If the man installing your tile hits the floor with the hammer repeatedly, the globe covering your light in the utility room may, in fact, fall and shatter unexpectedly. You will not know what fell and broke until you need to use the restroom. You may actually use the restroom while your toddler follows you and exit to find glass sprayed over the floor. You may have a tiny heart attack realizing your toddler could have severely cut her feet (and you could have too but really who cares about you at this point, right?) and then usher her upstairs away from the owies.

Prior to this drama you may have realized why you actually avoid using this small (literally) water closet in the past. Claustrophobia. Forced to use this bathroom, you leave the door open when you must use it. There presents the problem when the man installing the tile is in the house. Can't really leave the door open. Plus the toddler wants to be in there with you. It's COZY. I'm going out on a limb and suggesting you do your business extra quickly.

Remembering the glass, you call your husband because you can't find a broom or a dust pan. He says he broke the broom weeks ago and the dust pan is in the garage "somewhere." You note to self to buy new broom and dust pan.

You may start to remember the blue bathroom fondly, simply because it was functional.

Then you take a deep breath, pee in the claustrophobic small water closet and hope for the best by the end of the week.

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