Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Great Zebra Family Get Together Part 4

It was a beautiful day. My duties of cooking for the week are done (truth be told, my husband did most of the cooking anyway) and I was in full relax mode. My mom and I launched the Party Dock and I spent most of the day floating on it with various relatives.

K Man refuses to go down the slide. I took him down it our first year here and didn't get my feet under me in time to keep him above the water. I apparently traumatized him so much he won't try it again. Baby D on the other hand has already gone down the slide a half-dozen times or more. She is quite the water baby already.

My son is known throughout the resort. It's kind of funny. Everyone knows K's name. It is a bit of a switch because usually it's Miss M who has befriended most of the resort. Although I think some of K's notoriety is because he's being sort of a pest to all the older kids. (They seem to like it though.) K has been getting the older girls to give him piggy back rides, candy, whatever. I'm pretty sure I'm in trouble with him when he's a teenager. He can get away with some of this stuff now because he's five, but I'm betting that it won't fly as well when he's fifteen. There is another big family gathered here as well. They were here last year with us also. Every year they organize a big kickball game right in front of our cabin. My Bigs and my nephews joined in the game this year. So fun for them and fun to watch as well.

I just enjoyed the irony of this:


Supper: Provided by Boppa and Amma. Taco chili.
Fish (keepers): 4
Evening entertainment: Kids kick ball game, watching Two and a Half Men on my iPad with my aunt and cousin while my uncle tried to remove the mouse from their cabin.

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