Saturday, July 3, 2010

The Great Zebra (and extended) Family Getaway Part One

Bertha (who, incidentally, I really should rename Wanda) went on her first trip up north and helped me get through at least a third of my book club selection for the next two months. It was kind of cool to pack and realize I didn't need to pack a bunch of books to read because I already had several on my iPad!
We went a different route this year, through Saint Cloud and I wished I had known to ask my friend Jeff if he'd be able to meet us for lunch, but it probably wouldn't have worked schedule-wise anyway.

There were the usual stops, at McD's for lunch (although a different one than usual), the meat market for meat, a local grocery store for last minute supplies then on to the resort...
The kids, as usual jumped right in the water...although the older ones were remarkably restrained and waited for us to at least unpack their suitcases. Then they helped themselves to their suits. It was really warm today...89 F...and just now at almost midnight the rain is setting in and cooling things down again.
D was in her element today, splashing, digging, running. Two seems a perfect age for this vacation to get the full enjoyment of the small pleasures. Though two also brings things such as naps and early (unwanted) bedtimes.

The K Man found "at least 100 girlfriends" despite our admonitions to not acquire girlfriends and just be a 5 (almost 6)-year-old boy. He spent the evening being carried by older girls (10-11-years-old?) and getting candy from them. His older cousin came back to the cabin and said "K is getting all the girls. No fair!" Then he said it was gross. So. Either gross or not fair. Or something.
M was mad that K was making friends with all the girls too so she had a private fishing lesson with her Daddy instead.

On my way back to the cabin from taking this photo I came upon K and one of his entourage.
Mom? Is it okay if she sleeps over in our cabin?
Uhhhhhhh. NOOOOO.
Well, can I sleep over at her cabin then?
Hmmmm. Still NOOOOOO.
But she has the Wiiiiiiii!
Soooo? So do we at home!!
Girl: Maybe he can come and play the Wii in the daylight time?
Yeah, that would probably be okay. :::Knocking head into wall:::
The boy is not quite six. They make chastity belts for boys, right?

We're here, we're ready. Vacation 2010! Woo hoo!
In photo: T, D, M, E, B, K
(Alphabet kids!)
Well, nothing yet since we just got here.

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Madeline said...

Sounds like you've got quite the lady's man on your hands. ;) Hope y'all have a wonderful vacation.

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