Thursday, January 7, 2010

Grandpa Dec 8, 1922-Jan 7, 1989

You've been gone now
for quite a while.
Resting now, free of pain.
I wonder if you see me
and guide me along my way.
You've already missed so much and
never will you see me graduate,
or marry or see my children.
Never will you be able again
to wipe away my tears
or read me a bedtime story.
So many people now will never know you.
Never see what a great man
you were and still are in our hearts.
Your laugh will never again
echo in my ears.
Your smile can no longer
touch my eyes.
Yet you still live in my heart
as though at any time
I would wave to you
while you sit in that rocking chair.
I would wave and say
Goodbye, Grandpa.

I wrote this in high school. Not exactly prize material, but heartfelt indeed.

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Anonymous said...

Beautiful, Heather.....
Thank you


chelle said...

awww I miss my Grandpa!!! I wish he could see my kids, it would have made him so happy.

Thank you sharing your poem.

great auntie sue said...

great! miss him lots

Anonymous said...

Ditto Amma

A Vapid Blonde said...

Very sweet.

Holly at Tropic of Mom said...

You loved your grandpa, and you still remember him. Sharing about him. He still lives on in this way. Hugs....

Madeline said...

That's really beautiful, Heather. I lost my grandfather in middle school. This poem takes me back...not in a bad way. I loved him a lot as you so obviously loved yours.

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