Saturday, January 16, 2010

Aweigh starting Monday

I'm going to start the Aweigh challenge in hopes that more people will join us as we go along. As of now, we have only 4 participants (including me) and I've linked those who have sent me an email and indicated interest after my last post about Aweigh. I'm bummed we don't have more participants, but I guess we'll try for one month and see what happens. (Participants are linked in the sidebar under the Aweigh button.)

If you want to join please send me an email and tell me what prize you'd like to donate.

We start officially on Monday. I plan to have my photo taken on Monday as a "before" reference in hopes that there will be some sort of "after" result. I recommend that you all do the same. Even a few pounds can look dramatic if you thought to take the photo before. I think it's worth it.

I'm starting this challenge back nearly at my heaviest weight. It stinks. I wish I would have continued the momentum of weight loss that I had started last year but I didn't. Instead I gained almost everything back. I can hardly believe I'm one of those people who "yo-yo diet".

I hope to turn things around. Do you?

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chelle said...

sorry I have been naval gazing. I am determined to lose weight ... but have so little free time at the moment one more commitment seemed overwhelming.

Count me in ... ummm I will knit something, stitch something or send a gift card :)

I gained back all that I lost but I am blaming my pregnancy :P so not fair to pregnancies everywhere.

Michelle said...

Hiya, I have emailed you, Mich x

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