Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Last Minute Gift Solution

We did not make these as gifts, but they would make a nice gift if you're scrambling last minute. If you can get to the fabric store and have 1-2 hours to devote to making this blanket it would make a great gift. My older kids each have a blanket like this that I made for them a few years ago. They LOVE these blankets. They are the blankets they sleep with every night.

Yesterday the kids were moaning that they were bored so I was looking for something for them to do. I suggested we go to the fabric store so they could make new blankets. They were excited!

I made my big kids tie their own blankets this time. (I did check and fix some of their work later.) But this kept them busy for 2 hours tying. It was quiet! Peaceful! No fighting!

So here's how you make the blankets.

You'll need at least 4 yards of material for a kids' blanket. We usually do 2 yards of a patterned fleece and 2 yards of a one-color fleece. You'll want a flat open space on the floor to work. Put the solid color down first, with the side you want on the outside of your blanket facing the floor. Then place your print on top of the solid. The print fabric is usually smaller than the solid. Don't worry about having a little extra solid fabric. If it's more than an inch or so you may want to trim it.
Pin the fabrics together, placing the pins about 4-5 inches above the edges of the fabric.

Cut out the corners of your blanket. You'll want to cut about a 4 inch square from each corner. The real beauty of these blankets is that you don't have to be that exact. Don't get out the ruler.

Going around the perimeter of your blanket, cut slits about 4 inches deep and roughly 1 inch wide. Again, don't get out the ruler. Things don't have to be perfect!

Tie each set of strips together in a knot. You'll want the knots fairly tight, but not too tight. You'll be able to tell when you start tying. I think.

Here's K tying his. I thought his choice of fabric was ugly until the blanket was finished. Now I think it is awesome.

And M chose baby ducks or something. It's cute and she loves it so that makes me happy.

When you're done tying, remove the pins and enjoy!

Kids especially seem to really love these blankets. Like I said, my two older kids always, always, sleep with their blankets like this. They are warm and soft and cozy. Can't ask for more than that on a cold winter night!

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Brandi said...

Thanks for posting this! These blankets are Emma's comfort item; she loves to roll on the floor with them and hide under them when she's had enough of people. I couldn't figure out why she was so inconsolable and would not sleep one night, and it turned out to be because she didn't have one of her blankets. I think Abby & I will try our hand at making some next week. Thanks again!

becky said...

My cousin made one when my little guy was born, and since then I've made an even bigger one. I love them - so warm & soft!

Anonymous said...

I like them all- Amma

Life As I Know It said...

I love these blankets. My kids have one each and they are really cozy!

Holly at Tropic of Mom said...

Love it! Hurray for fleece. My son has some fleece "blankets" that are really just a piece of fabric. When these wear out, I'd like to try something like yours.

chelle said...

I am so loving this! What a great idea! Thank you for sharing the tutorial, now I know how to get started.

Madeline said...

A friend's mom made one of these for Levi, and he loves it. Your's turned out super cute.

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