Sunday, November 8, 2009

Simply Joy Sunday #42

I've enjoyed celebrating the little joys in life every Sunday here at Cool Zebras. This Sunday my joys are very simple:
I love drugs. Especially drugs that make the searing pain in my throat go away. In fact, that's another simple joy: being able to swallow without fear of the razor blades scraping my throat. Also, not drooling all over my pillow because I don't want to swallow.
I'd much rather recover from abdominal surgery than to have strep throat. This is my second round in 9 weeks. Gee, this winter is going to be F.U.N!

Anyone still playing along? Leave me your link (and don't forget to link here!) and I'll link all the participants here as usual.
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Athena's Armoury said...

Girl, I hope you're feeling better soon!!

I played this week, too.

Madeline said...

That is really rotten...especially two rounds. We've been down with the flu over here which has not been much fun at all.

chelle said...

awww geez hope you feel better soon!

louann said...

I hope you feel better the soonest. What are those meds?

MrsDragon said...

Hooray for modern medicine indeed! I'm sorry you are feeling so cruddy. : /

I played along this week as well. : )

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