Saturday, November 28, 2009

Recurring Nightmare

I awaken, disoriented. My teeth hurt. The house is still dark and quiet. The rest of the family slumbers peacefully. The fan drones as I sit up wearily. My hand goes to my mouth. The teeth are loose.

Alarmed, I stumble to the bathroom, trying to not wake my family. I worry about what could cause my teeth to wiggle as though I were a 6-year-old.

In the bathroom I touch my mouth again, tentatively. First one tooth, then another. The teeth wobble, then disengage. One after another, the spaces in my mouth open and my palm fills with enamel pearls.

Disgusted and horrified, I turn my palm down over the toilet. Tiny pebbles splash in the round pond. I flush the pebbles away. My mouth is naked.

2 people like me!:

chelle said...

egads that is a terrible nightmare!

A Vapid Blonde said...

I have those nightmares as well, very disturbing. Sometimes my crumble out of my head...ack!

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