Friday, November 13, 2009

Anyone for Another Aweigh?

I'm thinking about giving Aweigh another round. I haven't been motivated to exercise or do much of anything lately as far as weight-loss goes, so maybe Aweigh can motivate me as well as others out there!

I'd like to offer prizes again (anyone out there reading who'd like to donate a prize?!? You'll be given a text link in my sidebar for the duration of the challenge.) And this time I'd like to have myself be allowed to win a prize so we'll let whoever donated the prize draw the winner. (If they don't want to do that, I'll bow out of winning that prize.) Prizes should be shipped directly to the winner from the sponsor if at all possible. If you want to see what Aweigh was like last time here's a link to the posts.

Ideally, I'd like to have at least 10-15 participants and 10-12 prizes. No grand prize this time, just weekly prizes. Prizes can be anything from an item from your Etsy shop to something you made but don't sell or a gift card.

So. Who's in? Anyone want to donate a prize?

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Amber said...

I really need to do something again, so I'm in.

I think that it's only fair that you can win too!

I'm sure I can donate something. I don't know what yet, but I can donate something.

Bikini said...

I think I'll participate again, and can donate a beaded bookmark from my etsy shop.

Anonymous said...

me, too!! Amma

Chelsea said...

I'm in! Also will donate a prize, not sure what it will be yet but most likely will be a gift card.

chelle said...

I so need some motivation ... count me in ... I could donate something knitted but not till after Christmas :( I am swamped.

MrsDragon said...

You can count me in! I bought a scale. : )

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