Sunday, October 25, 2009

Simply Joy Sunday #40

More joys! Are you noticing the things in life that make you smile? This blue tub? It's GONE! No more bathing in the teeny tiny baby blue tub! Yippee!

I bought this wooden rocking horse at our church's rummage sale when M was almost one year old. I brought it up from the basement a couple of days ago and Ms. D loves climbing on and rocking away! (Also, I love her in her little jeans and that red button-down shirt. She looks so big and so little at the same time.)

And this? A photo of my eldest washing dishes! I knew there was a reason I had kids. The great thing? My son was mad that he didn't get to wash dishes too. Oh, K-Man, you'll have your chance too. Believe me.
Are you feeling the joy? Post on your blog, link to me, and I'll link any playas here.

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Athena's Armoury said...

Congrats on losing the blue tub! I still have mixed feelings about our blue kitchen...

What a big, little girl you have! She's adorable on the rocking horse.

Child kitchen labor? Can you send her to my house? I'll even give her $5 to take care of my dishes. =)

I played over on my blog this week.

slouchy said...

Seven washed the dishes this morning. Bliss.

Great pictures!

MrsDragon said...

That wooden horse is too cute! : ) And what sweet kids to be doing dishes!

I'm playing this week.

MommyWizdom said...

Ah, I can't wait until my kids can wash dishes... although they don't get off so easy... I make them put utensils away - those at least they can't break!

I love the horse riding pic... that age is so much fun! :-)

I wanted to invite you to post your pumpkin creations - I'm showcasing all week long!


louann said...

Isn't it too cute how excited they are about washing the dishes??! I love it!

Very, very cute on that wooden horse!

Hip Mom's Guide said...

I can see why all of these things bring you joy. Here's to lots more dish-washing in the future. :)

Madeline said...

Ha! You can borrow Levi anytime. He loves to help wash dishes. Unfortunately, it's a little more scary than helpful at this age. Especially when he forcefully rips glass objects out of my hand and screams "Help You! Help You!" Needless to say, I avoid washing dishes while he's awake.

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