Friday, October 23, 2009

Random Thoughts #40

  1. Ms. D still doesn't talk as much as her siblings did when they were 15 months. She turned 17 months yesterday. She's saying more words than she has, but still further behind than her siblings. Apparently we are all great at interpreting screeches and grunts, so why speak words?
  2. When she does talk? I love it. New personalities in our family!
  3. My big kids had their first report cards for the year. Both have done well. K did exceptionally well which was really surprising to me. I'm not sure why. Chalk that up to my issues...also he is so similar to me in some I shouldn't be surprised. And then that sounds weird too. But I always earned good grades in school, so I hope that my children will earn good grades too. Unrealistic. I know.
  4. Just going to say it. Post babies, my periods have gotten increasingly heavy. I hate it. Clots, changing pads frequently, etc. I know! TMI! But this is one of those things that people never tell you before you have kids. Apparently it's common that periods get heavier after birth. I had to Google it to make sure I wasn't going to die. No, I'm just going to be crampy and grumpy and bleed everywhere. You're welcome for that.
  5. Apparently I can't help but tell you about TMI things.
  6. Honestly. Cramps. Not so bad that I barf like I did as a teen but sheesh. Not fun.
  7. I'm running a sale in my etsy shop. Buy 3 items, get one free. Sentimental Journey
  8. Ouch. Cramps.
  9. I really should start exercising again. Really. Yep.
  10. Thanks again to those who read here. I appreciate it.

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louann said...

I know what you mean when you say new personalities.Ain't it exciting? =) I think it's awesome.

And oh yeah, don't remind me about periods. I haven't gotten mine and I am not looking forward to it coming back just yet.

great auntie sue said...

get an ablation

chelle said...

Have you ever considered a Diva cup? I have read some awesome reviews that somehow it help reduce the cramping. Primrose oil capsules are suppose to work well too.

growingapair said...

My ablation is next month-- my womb is no longer for rent, so why keep it furnished?!?

CT Mom said...

I had issues post-children, too, and they get worse over the last 3 years (my youngest was born in 2000). Turns out I had a huge fibroid that was growing into my uterine wall. Surgery took care of it this year. Why suffer? Definitely worth getting it checked out.

slouchy said...

that sounds perimenopausal... don't worry, perimenopause can last for YEARS before true menopause.

but you might have a fibroid. (i speak from personal experience.) if your period gets too long and heavy, and you're feeling anemic, have it checked out.

Kara said...

Right there with you and all the other above comments. It's so fun to be a woman sometimes, eh?

Madeline said...

#4...tell me about it! I'm so glad my OB warned me because I really would have thought I was dying otherwise.

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