Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The Upchuck Haiku

I write about barf
to make it seem more pleasant
like regurgitate.

But even haiku
cannot erase the odor
ranch and pizza leaves.

The glamorous life
is not that of motherhood.
Don't want it anyway. *

I'll take the barfies,
the whineys, the sassiness.
These kids are worth it.

All together now... awwwww.

*There was some disagreement on Twitter last night about how many syllables any is. So I just used it and if it's really 2 syllables well then I messed up that haiku, didn't I?

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for a different kind of girl said...

I cringed at the odor of ranch and pizza, which, I think, is a sign of fantastic barf haiku! Well done!

slouching mom said...

Fantastic! From barf comes genius!

MobiMom said...

Only a mom can put up with puking all day and become artistically inspired. Barf as a muse? Nicely done.

Angela said...

very creative way of expressing one of the sninkier parts of motherhood. I do not do well with that stuff and if hubby is around, he is that one to deal with that. I ussually end up joining them if I have to deal with it:)

Madeline said...

You did just write a haiku about barf, so I'm thinking you can take some extra creative license with the syllables. ;)

marla said...

I *was* eating my lunch when I read this...not so much now.

chelle said...

aww poor kids!Hope everyone feels better soon!

susiej said...

Your poetry is nice... and you must be a genius to make such a nice poem out of something so yucky!!!

Twenty Four At Heart said...

ha ha! I love that you did this. I saw you tweeting about it! Love it! : )

Damselfly said...

Ranch and pizza. You had me at ranch and pizza.

What a good mom you are! Hope the barfies end soon.

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