Saturday, February 7, 2009

Click Each Day to Help Others!

Mommy Wizdom has started a Click-A-Day Challenge that will benefit others, and could very well benefit the participants as well.

We've all seen those sites where if you click a button you're allowing them to donate food or whatever to someone who needs it, right? Well, Mommy Wizdom has gathered several such sites with buttons all on one page.

Her challenge? For all of the participants to click as many of the buttons on this page every day for at least 14 days in February. She's even giving away a $10 gift card to Target to one lucky person just for signing up for the challenge.

Read more about it at her site (click the button above to go there) and please consider participating. She can't make it any easier to do!

***pssst. Sentimental Journey donated one of the prizes.***

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