Monday, February 9, 2009

Aweigh Motivating Monday Week 3

Wow! You all are doing great with this so far! Let's keep at it. I have a lot of stuff to get to today so I'm just going to get to it!

First, congrats to Amma and Chelsea for both losing 3 pounds last week. They are the biggest losers this week:

And Chelsea has already earned this:

The winner of the gift card to Shades Jewelry is....Sandy! I will get your gift card to you.

And great as all that was, it's soooo last week. This week I hope to continue running every day with my Wii Fit, as well as doing the step aerobics and rhythm boxing. My son has been impatient with my using the Wii Fit and the TV every day, but I told him that it is something that Mommy needs to do for herself to make her healthier. He just said "oh" but if I keep telling him he'll get used to it...maybe. I'm excited to get my endurance up, even if I don't end up losing weight. I'm still doing good things for my heart and lungs.

I also need to start cutting back on my portion sizes. I think that's been shooting me in the foot. I am still nursing the baby, which requires more calories but I think I'm still consuming many more calories than even nursing requires. Are you going to try anything new this week?

Let's talk prizes for this week. That's right prizeS. Harper Collins has gratiously donated one copy each of Joy's LIFE Diet: Four Steps to Thin Forever by Joy Bauer and Love in the Time of Colic: The New Parents' Guide to Getting it on Again by Ian Kerner and Heidi Raykeil. Now I realize some of you have grown children and some of you have yet to have children, but if you win you can always donate the second book to the library (they are always happy to get donations) or save it for future reference.

But the first book, LIFE stands for Look Incredible, Feel Extraordinary and the four steps the title refers to are: release, relearn, reshape and reveal. It sounds like an interesting read, and for me, anything is worth a shot. Plus it sounds like the book focuses more on changing your mindset about food and weight loss than just talking about what you're doing wrong. That has to be a good thing.

So don't forget to report your results on Friday for your chance to win these two books!

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Sandy said...

Wow! I'm totally psyched to win that -- I'm clicking tot that website as I type.

Thanks again!

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