Thursday, January 8, 2009

Trouble Brewing

Saturday morning Miss M complained that something was choking her. Craig looked in her throat and discovered her right tonsil was enlarged. If I really think about it, she might have told me that her throat was "chokey" on Friday as well, but I probably dismissed it. Because I am a bad mom.

Miss M has continued to say that her throat is not sore, but her tonsil continued to be enlarged. Craig took her to see the doctor on Saturday to check for strep throat, and her test was negative. When her tonsil was still huge on Tuesday morning (huge to the point of touching the uvula --or as I like to call it, the hangy down thingie--and pushing it to the left--her left tonsil was also enlarged but not as pronounced) I made another appointment and was lucky to score an appointment with our regular family physician. She is rarely in the office these days, spending more time teaching than practicing. In fact, last year she dumped a bunch of her patients because she wouldn't be able to handle them all. She must like us, since she kept us.

Anywho. Back to M. Our physician took one look and said, "yeah. Does she snore?" Affirmative.

Long story shorter, M is now on ibuprofen 3 times a day to try to get the swelling down. Our doctor is not optimistic that this will help, however. She thinks M is one of the kids who have the swollen, non-reactive tonsils and adenoids that will need to be removed. She said her kids had the same issue, had the offending parts removed and now are healthier and sleep better.

Yeah, she asked how Miss M sleeps. Well, none of us here sleep particularly well, except, perhaps for Craig. Miss M has never been a good sleeper though. N.E.V.E.R. She screamed the entire night after her birth. It was fortunate that I was high on medication and new mom hormones. Craig must have thought he'd made a grievous error.

So we have a referral to ENT next week for a possible tonsillectomy and adenoidectomy. My brother had the same surgery as a kid, but he was even older than M. It's unfortunate that she didn't have the surgery when she was younger, if she does need it. Sometimes it's better when the kids don't understand what is happening I think.

I have told M what we are going to talk about with the doctors, and that if she needs to have them removed she will probably get a lot of ice cream. She was immediately excited about the ice cream.

Actually, I've often thought that I should have had my tonsils removed as well, as I had several bouts of strep throat as a kid, continuing through adulthood. Sorry about that, M. Yet another crappy thing you inherited from Mommy.

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Anonymous said...

You will do just fine- Mis M- Amma

for a different kind of girl said...

I had to have all those wonderful things removed as a kid. Apparently, my mom has said, I snored fiercely as a child. According to my husband, he wonders if my adnoids haven't grown back. To him I say, hahaha, for he snores loud enough to wake the dead.

Hope things work out for Miss M!

Awesome Mom said...

I hope that she gets the treatment she needs.

Guinevere Meadow said...

The poor little thing! Praying that your doctors will make wise decisions for her.

Chels said...

Hopefully everything goes well!

angi said...

YOur blog looks great - I love the neww look & header!

Good luck to you with Miss M - I hope that if they decide to go with surgery that it all goes well and that she handles it all perfectly!

susiej said...

I LOVE your new layout!!! The flowers are totally rad!

If she does have to get her tonsils out, it's great that she's doing it so young; I had mine out at 6, and all I remember was the ice cream, the games and toys I got, the letter from the first grade class, and the nice blue-haired lady who took care of me when I woke up. It was a great memory!

anymommy said...

That's not fun, but I bet she'll feel better without a body part choking her all the time. Hope the appointment goes well.

Christine said...

I know it's scary, but she'll be fine. I had the same operation when I was 16. She'll be much happier when she's able to breathe. And you'll be much happier without all that snoring! Good luck to all of you!

chelle said...

eeps scary thought our children needing surgery! I had my tonsils out when I was 5. I was SO SCARED. But back then my Dad dropped me off and LEFT ME THERE (can you tell it was traumatic?) I threw up a lot, then afterward I did eat a lot of ice creams :)

She will rock b/c she has you as support!

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