Friday, January 9, 2009

Adieu Christmas

We packed up our Christmas decorations last weekend. We don't have a set time that we put up and take down the Christmas decor, but it always seems to work out to be that they go up the weekend after Thanksgiving and come down the weekend after New Year's Day.

The decorations pack away much quicker than they appear around the house. We have several plastic tote boxes that hold the many treasures. One box is devoted solely to the breakable and/or special ornaments for the tree. The ornaments that have boxes are returned lovingly to their homes to await Thanksgiving's return. The decorative towels in the bathroom are rotated to the bottom of the drawer and the generic winter snowman towel hangs in their place.

Craig packs the Christmas tree (yes, we have an artificial tree) away in its box and places the tree skirt, tree stand and power strip in the box with it so we can find everything again in eleven short (and long) months.

In a half an hour (one hour at most) our home is back to as it is for the rest of the year. It always makes me a little bit sad to not have the pretty tree to look at in the evenings, but it also fills me with optimism for what lies ahead in the new year.

I'm still hoping to get the rest of my home organized soon. Thanks to PBN I've discovered a new website with organizing tips and so much more. Visit the new SC Johnson website - cleaning, organizing, recipes and coupons.

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Anonymous said...

I find that this time of year is the most depressing - I hate taking down Christmas decorations and the weather is just yucky!

for a different kind of girl said...

I may be against the grain, but I'm kind of relieved when the tree and decorations come down. We have a massive tree that seems to eat up the living room, so after having it up for a month, and not being able to get to the windows to open the blinds and let the random bout of sun in, I'm relieved!

I do miss having the glow of the lights from the tree only glowing in the room, though!

Kate said...

We've been kind of working all week on taking the Christmas stuff down. For some reason projects like that get really drawn out for us. Finally got the tree packed up in the box tonight. I was ready.

Damselfly said...

Sounds like you're pretty organized!

I miss looking at my tree, too, after it's put away.

Corina said...

I had my christmas decorations down the weekend after christmas. I simply could not wait to have my living room back. House is too small to have a big tree taking up half of it. Now, the living room belongs to the children once again. I don't like that either.

chelle said...

I get so sick of decorations so once Christmas is over their days are numbered!

I need more totes next year as each year we gather more stuff.

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