Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Sometimes Chilling is Extra Hard

So, Sunday wasn't that great. I twittered that it started out good, was craptastic and it ended okay. It was probably a case of trying to do too much in one day.

The kids had their Christmas program at church. It was a little different than it had been previous years, which was nice for a change. M and K were "extras" in the performance, which obviously most kids have to be since there are approximately 8 key roles in the whole birth of Jesus story. Ms. D should have been Baby Jesus in my opinion, but there is a boy who is 6 weeks younger than her who snagged the role. Never mind that he started out being born early and teeny tiny, and that now he is bigger than D. Oh well. She is famous anyway because of her beauty and sunny disposition.

The kids did great in their program. We've been hearing "Go Tell it on the Mountain" for months around here. Of course the battery was dead in our video camera so we don't have video. Note to self: You are not taking enough video footage of the kids.

After the children's Christmas program, the Cherub choir had to sing at the second service. It was the same way last year and I expect the organizers think they're doing the parents a favor by not requiring the kids to be there 2 weeks in a row but what really happens is the kids are there at church for something like 3 hours and it's just too much.

But they sang beautifully again.

Then they were to go to a birthday party. I had the option of dropping M and K off, which I did, because I have 5382 things to do and no time to do them in. D and I went to Tarjshay Boutique because I needed pit stick and other stuff. Then we headed home and she nursed for the first time in several hours. She had just finished nursing when the phone rang to inform me that there was an incident at the birthday party.

I will not disclose the details of the incident here, partly because I was not there to witness the incident and therefore do not really know what transpired, and partly because I feel that my choices in allowing my children to attend said birthday party were probably not the best choices since my kids were tired, hungry and I was not at the home to supervise.

Lesson learned for mom.

I believe that my child has been disciplined. I have seen the offended party who looks unscathed. It is my pride that has been hurt since it is quite humiliating to fetch your child from a party early.

I wish I knew all that happened, but I don't. I have issues with the wording of the offended party's parent. Perhaps I am too sensitive. But I have doubts about any of my children maliciously hurting another child. What I have been told about the incident, no adults were present and it sounds like several children were in a room unsupervised.

Again, probably my fault for just dropping off, perhaps the hosts were overwhelmed.

Anyway, we planned to go see the holiday train, but with the events of the day and the tired kids we had to miss it this year. I'm hopeful the train will return to our city next year and that we will be able to attend. K especially loves trains, but both of them would have loved it, as, I suspect, Mom and Dad and D would have.

The holidays are so stressful. I am hopeful that we will have holidays of peace and joy.

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for a different kind of girl said...

To be honest, I've never heard about a party parent having to call a guest's parent and have them come come retrieve their child. I mean, couldn't they have dealt with the situation by talking it out or whatever and then just enjoyed the remainder of the party? I guess it's unfortunate that there was perhaps some 'they said/they said' going on since no one in authority witnessed whatever the offense was, but the parent shouldn't have taken you to task, either.

I'm with you on the whole not taking enough video of the kids thing, too. It's been forever since we have. I know I'm going to seriously regret the gap one day (like today...)

chelle said...

I agree with the above commenter ... I would not have opted to call the parents at a birthday party, I would have dealt with it. I find that some parents are way to quick to side with their child and not thinking through the situation!

I really need to take more video of the kids too!!!!!! It is hard to tape is when we are living it though!

ewe are here said...

Unless someone was actually hurt or there was actual evil intent, you shouldn't have been called.... especially since no adult witnessed what happened. Plus, many parents automatically side with their own little darlings, who aren't always being so darling.

Bummer for you to deal with, though.

Heather said...

I should say that someone was hurt, but not seriously and the child was running around with a smile when I arrived to pick up my child.

I will also say that my child WAS wrong to do what they did, but I disagree with categorizing the action in the way the parent did when no adult was present. They do not know my child's motivation and neither do I. Also the nature of the injury (not even a mark yesterday) and what I'm told happened it seems unlikely that the other child is completely blameless as well.

I'm just bummed that it happened and I will think twice before leaving my children alone at a party again.

Guinevere Meadow said...

What is "pit stick"? Deodorant?

Anonymous said...

"pit stick"... Hilarious!

Don't beat yourself up too much over the incident. These things happen, kids will be kids. But I know how frustrating that feels.


Kate said...

Oh god, what a day! My MIL has a saying that her daughter always tries to stuff 10 pounds of shit into a 5 pound bag. Sounds like it was one of those days.

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