Thursday, November 6, 2008

Hrumph! Where's my cane?

I can tell I am getting old. Some of the things those young whipper-snappers say really bug me.

I’ve been considering getting a new sling for the baby. I have one, and it works fairly well most of the time, but it’s a pouch-style sling. I was thinking that I’d like to be able to adjust how high or low I wanted to carry Ms. D and thought that a ring-style sling would probably work best for me.

I looked on Etsy and found a seller that I will probably buy from if I finally decide to get one. She seems willing to make a sling in the colors that I want and even offered to order a special kind of ring for me if I wanted it.

But I was at a store yesterday that sells baby stuff and toys to get one of M’s friends a birthday gift and thought I’d check out the slings since I was there. I found the wall of baby carriers and scanned the options. It didn’t look like they had what I wanted but since there was an employee right there I figured I’d just ask to confirm my suspicions.

No ring slings huh?

Ring slings?
{Insert look of confusion and disdain.} I’ve never heard of such a thing. (in all my extensive research into baby slings. You must be a real idiot to come in here and ask for something I’ve never heard of so clearly doesn’t exist.)

Well, it’s a type of sling that uses rings so that you can adjust them instead of latches or buttons or things like that.

Oh. Well, my friend just had a baby and she got one like this
(points to a pouch-style sling) then you don’t have to adjust it. (why would you want to adjust it anyway? Idiot.)

I already have one like that, but thank you anyway.

I walked away feeling like a crotchety old man who’d just had an exchange with the hooligans down the street.

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Awesome Mom said...

It is always annoying when employees have no idea what they are talking about.

I love ring slings, they can be used so much longer than a pouch. My kids loved riding around snuggled up to mommy.

chelle said...

With Becca I loved my ring sling, yet I have yet to use it with Ethan ... I received a pouch that rocked.

I love love love my ergo through!

ewe are here said...

Ugh. Grumpy know it all store employees who won't admit they don't know squat.

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