Monday, August 18, 2008

I Think to Myself What a Wonderful World

Do you remember in high school when someone in the “popular crowd” would say hi to you or ask you to be in their group in a class so they could copy off your work and you felt all special like a really important person had acknowledged your existence?


Uh, yeah. Me either ‘cuz I was totally one of those popular girls.



Last weekend was pretty exciting for my little old blog and me.

First, I got my very first award from Holly at Tropic of Mom. (Now if I could only figure out how to put the button in my sidebar!) Thanks Holly! You’re the best! Mwah!

Then, I got my little old blog added to the moms topic on Alltop. Seriously. Alltop! Thanks Guy! You’re the best! Mwah!

Then, Gunfighter asked me to write a guest post for his blog. I’ve never been asked to write a guest post before! And me, sitting there in my pajamas all unprepared for the love! Thanks Bill! You’re the best! Mwah!

And finally, to top it off (huh, I should have left the Alltop for this one…get it?) I got an email from Julie saying that I am now a blogger for the Parent Bloggers Network! Thanks Julie! You’re the best! Mwah!

{pushing up my taped glasses and pulling up my trousers}

So, how was your weekend?

Tomorrow I'm answering one of those questions you asked...

...I'm also here today!

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chelle said...

CONGRATS! All well deserved ... from one of your biggest fans!

Awesome Mom said...

So are you getting too cool to comment on my nerdy blog? Or are you just hanging around me hoping that I will tell you how to put that button in your side bar?


Damselfly said...

I'll tell you how to put the button on your sidebar if you get Guy Kawasaki to add me to Alltop!


louann said...

Congrats!! I agree, you deserve all those awards =) I have, in the past weeks become an avid reader of your blog =)

Domestic Accident said...

Many congratulations, but I'm not at all surprised because you deserve all that!

gunfighter1 said...


I got a kiss! Well, a platonic, electronic kiss, but I'll take it!

Your post is up, my friend. Thanks so much for helping me out.


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