Friday, August 1, 2008

The Chair

We were sitting in a chair just like all the others in the room. A chair, fifth in the line, closest to the wall that holds the pamphlets.

There were others around us. A man and woman, next to one another at the head of the row we were in, murmured to one another. The woman had a temporary cast bulging from her ankle to her knee. They were waiting for a wheel chair.

We had sat in the quiet corner when we first arrived, tucked in the back near the women's restroom. The two laptops set up on desks admonished would-be users to limit their time and be respectful of others in the choice of web site to view. D nursed quickly, having been sleeping most of the morning.

Emerging from our mommy-induced separation, we made our way to that chair.

I filled out the questionnaire on how D and I were doing.

Describe her personality: Always happy, easily comforted, easy-going.

How are you doing as a parent? Ask me again when my kids are grown.

Then the other side. Check the things that your baby can do.

Hold head up? Check. Recognize mother? Check. Social Smile? Check.

I noted the next thing in the social development was laughing. That will be fun when she starts doing that, I thought and clipped the pen to the clipboard. As the board slid from my fingers to the seat cushion of the chair beside me I heard it.

It was a baby giggle. A short burst of glee that to any non-parent might have been mistaken for upset had they not seen her face. Something on the ceiling of that doctor's office tickled my baby to such a degree that it elicited her first laugh.

It was a joyful noise.

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Anonymous said...

Can't wait to hear that! Happy Baby. Amma

Don Mills Diva said...

There is no more joyful noise in the world!

Guinevere Meadow said...

That is the SWEETEST sound in the world!

And now nice of her to do it so you can check off the "laughing" box on the questionnaire!! :)

Guinevere Meadow said...

Oh, I meant to ask you- who is Randy Pausch? I'm not familiar with him.

Damselfly said...

Best sound in the world! Completely unduplicatable!

Scribbit said...

Oh I love your posts! Great blog every time!

Domestic Accident said...

Oh, that's so sweet. And now it's written down so you'll always remember.

Jeff said...

Cute story. I haven't heard that giggle since I can remember. Now all I hear is "Dad, I need some money."

louann said...

Must have been such a heavenly sound =)

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