Friday, July 11, 2008

Vacation recap: Wednesday June 18

Last night D was up three times to nurse, which is quite a lot for her. It was a day for showering (every other day while on vacation, whether I need it or not) so I hopped in there quickly so I could nurse D one more time before I strapped her into her car seat for the drive to Walker.

Previous years when we’ve gone to Walker I’ve wanted to hurry back to the resort so I could get in the water. This year, since I can’t get in the water I was a little less stressed about the amount of time we were spending away from the resort. Although I still fret about missing what the kids are doing. Yes, I want my cake and I want to eat it too.

In Walker we hit Christmas Point first as tradition (or habit) dictates. There, I found a lovely tote that I plan to use as a diaper bag, some brownie mix, some dip mix and a dip chiller. I usually buy soup too but decided against it this year.

Other buys in Walker included a sweatshirt for M, a t-shirt for K and 2 pairs of shorts and a sleeveless top for me (non-maternity!).

We made the trek to the hardware store for the camera batteries (success at last!) then decided to stop in Longville on the way back to the resort for some ice cream.

This turned out to be a tactical error as we’d forgotten that Wednesdays are the days of the immensely popular turtle races that were taking place at precisely the time we arrived in town. Ice cream would have to wait for another day.

Back at the resort, the men and children were in full swim mode and the dragonflies were swarming, enjoying a mayfly smorgasbord. I sat and took some video and photos of the action until D decided she was hungry again. I also was able to chat with one of the other moms staying at the resort for a few minutes and also partake in a virgin daiquiri.

My Aunt Kay and Cousin Chelsea provided the super scrumptious supper of brats.

This was followed by WebKinz duty at the lodge but the managers weren’t in the office at the time (they were busy making campfire donuts) so we had to sit outside on the deck and get eaten by mosquitoes. D decided that she desperately needed sustenance at that time so I also had to risk a mosquito-bitten boob while she nursed in the sling. Lefty seems to have escaped any major attacks.

Entertainment: Password
Fish (keepers): 3 (One by my 4-year-old nephew)
Trips to Town: 1

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Minnesota Matron said...

You are brave and medal-worthy, vacationing with a teeny tiny one. The Matron is wimpy that way.

moonmystic said...

Your family is beautiful and you are a trooper!

Damselfly said...

Sounds like a perfect summer-on-the-lake vacation.

Jeff said...

Aww, I miss this kind of thing. We haven't been on a family outing like this for nearly 5 years now. We'd better hurry and cook one up before the boys are off to college!

Alex Elliot said...

We still haven't done a family vacation like that. Sounds like fun!

Chels said...

Does all the fish that are keepers include Justin's bass that he caught in the swim area with E's fishing pole?

Heather said...

Chels-- I honestly have no idea. I think I was just picking an arbitrary number because Craig would catch them and clean them so fast I had no idea how many he actually kept!

chelle said...

Sounds like a fun filled vacation (although a tad stressful!)

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