Friday, July 11, 2008

Vacation Recap: Tuesday June 17

I awaken to pain in the groin region and think perhaps Mr. Stone will make his exit today. I take some Oxycodone just in case this is the big day (I stopped taking it for a while yesterday.)

I haven’t been able to figure out why anyone would want to take that if they didn’t have a legitimate need. It gives me a massive headache. Craig says it doesn’t make me very happy either, but I’m fairly certain that my crankiness has more to do with the pains that I’m taking the medication for than with the pills themselves.

The activity for the day is decorating drawstring bags but D decides it’s time to eat so I miss out on the supervising duties this time. When they return with their bags I see that M and K have each put enough paint on their bags that we’ll be lucky if they dry before we go home.

Craig and I went to Longville to look at the three hardware stores for a digital camera battery to fit our camera without any success. We are told, however, that there is a Radio Shack in the hardware store in Walker, where the ladies plan to go shopping tomorrow.

Additional swimming (for the kids) and sitting on the beach (for D and I) ensued.
Craig borrowed a floaty thing from a co-worker to pull the kids in behind the boat. I'm still not sure if they had fun.

Supper was courtesy of my mom and dad and consisted of chili, garlic toast and various munchies. Once again supper is delicious and also, it turns out, good for regulating bowels.

After supper it was Webkinz time again while Craig and my brother went fishing. My dad tends to be elected to be the babysitter, so Kristi and I thought we’d give him a break from chasing four rugrats around the resort and set up the kids with a movie of classic Underdog cartoons.

After the movie the kids had showers and shortly after the kids were fresh and clean again Craig and my brother returned from fishing. Craig had kept another bass, but decided he didn’t feel like cleaning it so he let it go.

The mayflies were swarming above the lake so much that we could hear their wings beating. Yuck.

M and K watched another movie before bed.

Evening entertainment: Watching TMNT and listening to Amma “pop” mayflies.

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