Tuesday, April 8, 2008

My Weight-Loss Plan and Other Weird Stuff

So I knew if I typed even the first letter of a name that is in the running for the Munchkin that I would spark comments speculating on the name.

I sort of wanted it that way. So I could see if anyone came up with THE name. And I’m not telling the results of my experiment, but I’m glad that you all were such good experimental subjects.

Okay, her name really is going to be just D. You know, like the one name people: Paris, Madonna, Elvis. I’m stretching it to initials. I think it works.

Moving on…

I had an appointment yesterday morning to check my progress with growing this kid. Turns out that this month I gained .1 kgs. Now I have no idea what that is in pounds but I’m guessing it’s not much. So, I’ve gained a total of about 6.5 pounds over my pre-pregnancy weight. I just read an email from Babycenter that tells me the baby weighs about 4 pounds at this point.

So, basically I will probably weigh less after I have the baby than I did before I got pregnant. A new weight-loss plan… who knew that could happen? And, I’m eating at least three chocolate chip cookies at night, you know, for the baby.

My doctor also checked the position of the baby and she is apparently head-down which would explain that pelvic pressure that feels so lovely all the time. Someone should tell the kid that she’s going to get pulled out the front of my belly and not be traveling through the escape hatch.

I’m also a hormonal mess who should really avoid reading blogs during pregnancy, especially when people write about their kids growing up, or not growing up. I’m getting all misty thinking about M going off on a bus tomorrow with a bunch of other kids to Minneapolis to go to the Minnesota Children’s Museum. I get all choked up watching my kids play together because I see how big they’re getting.

Then I want to cry because K won’t stop talking.

But that’s another issue.

I’ve also noticed that I seem to care strongly about really stupid things.

The kids’ toy cars? Must be put in the toy car bin. Can’t have cars and blocks in the same bin. Who knows what kind of weird, boxy cars would breed in there? There would be more of those Scion things around.

Moon Sand? The colors should not mix. I know it’s not my toy, but I want the colors to remain pristine. Why? Because I’m crazy.

Okay, but here’s the real confession. I can’t blame this particular neurosis on my pregnancy because this stuff bugs me anyway.

Because I’m crazy.

And pregnant.

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Damselfly said...

Wha...? How did you manage to gain only 6.5 pounds while pregnant? And while eating chocolate chip cookies? I'm amazed.

Kirsetin said...

I am right there with you on the moon sand. Those colors SHOULD NOT mix! I'm sure a good therapist could help us out here.

Mrs. Swizzle said...

HEE HEE! Admitting that you're crazy is the first step.

My mom SWEARS that she only gained 5 pounds when she was pregnant with me. I weighed more than that, but she was apparently having gall bladder issues. Anyone I've ever told this information has insisted that my mom meant that she only weighed 5 pounds more than her pre-pregnancy weight after I was born. You're backing her up!

Bikini said...

Dude. I'm not pregnant and I don't let the Play-Doh colors mix.

Sandy said...

I've always said that there's never been a better diet for me than my pregnancies. I never was as heavy than before I got pregnant with my first.

Kara said...

Pregnancy does have its own magical powers, doesn't it?

I liked your side note on K talking constantly. J talk non-stop too. I'm sure I'll actually miss it someday when he doesn't do that. Will you?

By the way, I love the prego pic of you. So great!

susiej said...

Love your picture!!! You still look great, despite the pressure.

Jeff said...

Yeah, but how do feel about mixing moon sand mix with carpets?

Our nephew got some for Christmas and it was ground into my mom's carpet before the day was even over.

A few weeks earlier I saw it on the shelf at Target and just laughed.

angi said...

My Mom drives a Scion :) Very boxy indeed!

Zander never stops either, and it is very annoying most days, I am sorry that you have to be pregnant through this stage because he drives me half crazy WITHOUT the added hormones!

AND I am freaking out about the whole museum thing...I would be talking to someone about that!!

angi said...

AND... you look great! I can not believe you're nearing the end, it seems as if you just announced being pregnant.

chelle said...

I am crazy all the time .. haha not pregnant (better not be! omg)

You look FABULOUS!

You rock and this pregnancy has had to be hard ... I totally get the non stop talking ... I am totally going bonkers here too.

Hang in there!

Minnesota Matron said...

Hang in there, honey. That's one weight loss program this woman's too old to consider anymore.

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