Thursday, March 13, 2008


Well, I don't know what I did (or didn't do) but it seems that Technorati has decided that my blog has some authority after all, and I've heard from some people that my blog is loading better than it was. All I took off was the blog roll, and the blogger chicks blog roll. I have a hunch it might have been the blogger chicks thing that was causing problems, but who knows.

Anyway, thanks to Bikini (I feel weird calling you that, but I don't want to out your name if you don't want it "outed!") for looking at my template and declaring it to look okay. And thanks for the other offers to look at this little blog. Mwah!

I'm satisfied for now that it's working okay I guess. It still does some funky things on loading, but I don't know if it's my site specifically, or Blogger that has the issues.

I also got my blogroll (or Zebra Roll) page all check it out and make sure I have you on there! (It's over there under the contact me section because I didn't know where to put it!)

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Jeff said...

Ohh-kay, we'll just skip over that last entry. And you said you didn't need a visual on MY post!

Anywhooo - I've never had any issues with your blog loading properly. But I HAVE had issues with Blogger itself. But then that's not anything new.

Bon777 said...

Much better. I always had a hard time loading your page but not today!

Bikini said...

You're welcome!

And I haven't started signing checks "Bikini Pantsfreesia" yet, but I might.

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