Wednesday, August 8, 2007


Tonight was K's night to be read to by Craig. (My kids started fighting over who got to be with Daddy at night so we had to institute an every-other-night rule.)

Craig said they were laying in our bed and K handed him this:
(Sorry for the somewhat gross-looking graphic.)

This came out of my ear Daddy.

It's the tube from his right ear. He won't need surgery to remove it! Yippee!

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Sandy said...

Fantastic! Gross...but fantastic!

Damselfly said...

Um. Yay? Not needing surgery is a great thing! ;)

Diesel said...

Ok, that is gross. But still, good news!

Jeff said...

Phew - For a second there I was afraid it came out of his nose. And yes, that would be gross.

angi said...

LOL, I thought the same as Jeff....ewww!

Yay for no surgery :)

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