Thursday, June 14, 2007

What is up with that?

Is it a rule that when women get older that they turn into raging bitches? I'm just wondering because within the last year I have gotten more icy stares and disapproving head shakes than I care to admit.

They have all been from older women.

What makes these women become so bitter and uncharitable to a fellow woman who is most likely where she was a couple of decades ago?

I don't understand it.

If this is how I must act when I am older I'm beginning to think that it would be better to not live that long. Seriously. How much fun is life if you are irritated even by a little boy singing along with his big sister's choir concert? How bitter are you if you are irritated by a little boy having fun playing with a truck while his big sister has her swimming lesson?

I don't remember getting these looks when my daughter was K's age, but I think I left her home much of the time with my Dad when I needed to do grocery shopping and such. I probably was also so sleep-deprived that my eyes were barely open anyway.

Or maybe people are just not as tolerant of little boys being little boys.

Whatever. I'm tired of the angry old ladies giving me looks and saying inappropriate things to me.

Some days the kids are just going to be little shits. Deal with it old ladies. I'm not going to ruin my day so that you don't have to listen to my children for 5 minutes.

I sort of feel sorry for those old bitties. What kind of life must they be living?

Okay. No I don't.

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Mom Thumb said...

Either they don't remember or they are lying. Or else they beat their kids into submission. I've worked with abused kids for thirty years. I'd much rather see a kid singing and playing than one being slapped for nothing, or jerked by his arm because he's walking too slow. You're a good mom. Ignore the bitties and let your kids be kids.

Bon777 said...

I hope I don't turn into one of them...I have visions of me 30 years from now being this wise and gentle role model that young mothers will come to looking for guidance and children will be instinctively drawn too...but perhaps I will be one of the bitter one who scorn the youthful because they mourn their own youths…I sure hope not!…By the way…Enjoy living life!

Damselfly said...

When I see that look on old people's faces, I just tell myself they are suffering aches and pains from age, and they aren't really giving me A Look.

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