Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Vacation recap: Day Two (June 17, 2007)

The day breaks with thunderstorms and continues with a wicked wind once the storms pass.
I'm remembering last year where the grass was covered with the carcasses of Mayflies. This year there are far fewer of the harmless, albeit gross-looking creatures.
We are hearty Minnesotans and don't let a little wind spoil our swimming pleasure. M continues the pattern of slipping down the water slide interspersed with short periods of floating with me, Auntie Kristi and my cousin Chelsea.
K is forced down the water slide twice with his Daddy then is content to drive trucks on the beach the remainder of the day, aside from a kayak ride or two.
The resort offered free ice-cream sundaes in the afternoon, which the kids enjoyed while in their swimsuits, then returned to the water and the beach for more of the mornings activities.
For Father's Day we had a feast at my Aunts and Uncle and Cousins' cabin. T-Bone steaks for us purchased at Shamp's Meat Market on the way up to the resort. We haven't had steak in a while. It was yummy. For his gifts, Craig received cards from his kids and the James Bond DVD Casino Royale.
Then the Daddies (including mine) go fishing while the ladies and kids joined in the campfire and roasted marshmallows. The resort provided the marshmallows and Kristi brought graham crackers and chocolate so we could have S'Mores. K couldn't wait to eat his graham crackers and chocolate so he enjoyed a S'More sans marshmallow.
Back at the cabin, my Mom wrangled Miss M into the shower and then the two of us convinced M that putting curlers in her hair wouldn't hurt. (She's been in tears every time I've even mentioned trying to put her hair in curlers.)
Then, movie time (Rescue Heroes and Stuart Little 2) with the cousins and Jiffy Pop popcorn.
K was asleep about 2 minutes after I read him "just one book Mommy."

Fish (keepers): 2
Grown up movie of the night: Larry the Cable Guy: Health Inspector

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Harmonica Man said...

Yay, sounds like a great time!

With the possible exception of the Larry the Cable Guy movie ;-)

Kara said...

Gotta love summer vacation!

Heather said...

Oh you are so right Jeff. If only someone had warned me beforehand.

Damselfly said...

Water slides, kayaks, s'mores and tie-dye shirts, hooray!

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