Monday, June 25, 2007

Vacation recap: Day One (June 16, 2007)

Note to readers: These posts are likely to be long and rambling. Sorry about that. Once I've recorded my vacation to my satisfaction so that I can remember it when I look back at these posts I will return to the normal boring blog that I write. Oh wait. Maybe I didn't need this disclaimer.

(This is the second annual trip that my family takes together. Besides Craig, M, K and I, we go with my brother, Jason, his wife, Kristi and their boys B and E. (I hope that isn't an indication of their future!) Also, my parents, my Aunt Kay, my Aunt Sue and Uncle Myron and my cousins Justin and Chelsea. We stay in 3 cabins.)

Four A.M. arrives finding me awake and unable to return to a peaceful slumber. Apparently I am more excited to go on this vacation than I thought. I remain in bed anyway, tossing and turning until 6 A.M.

We were on the road by 8:30 and managed to make it about 20 miles before M piped up with the first "Are we there yet?" "It's going to be a looooong ride little girl."

Along the way, following my Uncle Myron, who was pulling a friend's borrowed boat, I noticed that the trailer was shaking. A lot. I commented to Craig that it looked like one of the tired was going flat. "Nah, it's fine." A few more miles and Craig was on the walkie-talkie "Hey Myron, it looks like your passenger side tire on your trailer is going down, why don't you pull off at the next station and check it out." Then, seconds after the message was relayed the tire began spitting rubber at us. "Pull over now!"

So, a 10-minute tire change and we were back on the road.

We stopped for the usual gas and potty breaks, and for lunch at McDonalds in Garrison and arrived at Kee-Nee-Moo-Sha about 3:30 (I think). Once we made the turn onto the long drive up to the resort K and M started their arrival celebration. "We're here! We're here!" Both wanted to head right to the lake.

My brother and I laughed at how excited our kids were, mimicking their 100-mile-an-hour questions and comments about what they wanted to do first. "I'm going to B's house!" "I'm going to M's house!"

Finally, we surrendered and let them put their suits on and Amma and Boppa supervised while the rest of us unpacked. M, B and E went down the water slide about 20 kagillion times. K was more interested in the kayaks and playing in the sand, but he did get in the water a bit.

B and E abandoned swimming in favor of fishing while M continued to go down the waterslide 10 more kagillion times while Justin supervised. My cousin Chelsea and I had a nice conversation while floating in the water. The lake feels warmer this year than last.

Then, on to the wienie-roast supper. I made a salad that everyone (including me) thought was delicious. (Thanks Kara!)

Craig sat on the end of the dock with K-man and did a little fishing.
Ten o'clock and we thought we should probably attempt to get our kids in bed. K didn't wind down until 11 o'clock. "Mommy? Where's M? She sleeping? Where's Boppa? He sleeping? I love you Mommy." Then making popping and whooshing noises with his mouth when he ran out of questions. Finally, sleeping by 11:15.

Then my Mom and I watched Little Miss Sunshine on DVD borrowed from the resort lodge. Which reminds me, I need to cancel my reserve for it at the library. Seeing as I was something like #89 on the list there, I was happy to see it at the resort!

Then in bed about 1 A.M. I still had to read a bit in my Tami Hoag book (Alibi Man) before my eyelids finally grew too heavy to keep open.

We're here!!

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Harmonica Man said...

Nice. Which resort is it? Don't worry, I won't crash your party - unless you invite me!

nutmeg said...

Wow. What a wonderful extended family you have!

Sandy said...

Love the photo of Craig and K on the dock!

We can't wait to visit there at the end of the summer! Cabin 2 here we come.

Kara said...

I liked the last photo you took. Oh, and I'm glad you liked the salad. :)

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