Sunday, May 6, 2007

Organize me

I spent my weekend cleaning and organizing a bit in my home. My reasons for this attempted cleanse and purge are several.

One, I watched Mission Organization at my Mom and Dad's house on Friday and that show always inspires me to want to get organized. The trouble with that is that the urge generally wears off by the time I get home and have a few moments to actually do something like that. Apparently the urge stuck with me a bit longer so I started going through the kids' toys and picked some out to give away and some to try to sell at our future garage sale. I successfully weaned the kids of a big plastic tub full of toys. Now they only have 325,534 left. (And then we added about 6 after going to a few garage sales on Saturday...oh well.)

Two, I've been wanting to get my scrapbooking supplies more organized for a while. I still don't have an ideal set-up for it, but someday I'll figure out how I want to set it all up. I think a trip to IKEA would do the trick. I actually think I have an addiction to buying things to organize. I think I get a little high each time I bring something home and put it to use organizing. It's a sickness. Why is my house still unorganized??

Three, my in-laws are coming. And they appreciate having a scrapbook supply-free bed to sleep in for some reason. Cleaning off the bed in our basement is a huge undertaking...because the bed is such a great catch-all for all my crap. So anyway, I'm preparing for their arrival on Tuesday. I always get all tense when they visit, because apparently I am more a creature of habit than I think I am and breaks in my routine throw me into a bit of a cranky fit. My husband knows. Poor guy. And he chose to marry me anyway.

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Anonymous said...


i got told by the in-laws that our house is too full of stuff. this after our garage sale and after we got rid of 11 giant totes of stuff!

good luck!

wayabetty said...

WOW! When you're done...can you come by and help? I haven't been nesting yet, still so much to do before the baby comes. YIKES!!

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