Tuesday, May 1, 2007

The best present

This morning I was sitting on the can and heard some conspiratorial whispering followed by my children appearing in the doorway. Since I was indisposed at the time, I asked them to perform an encore so I could record it.


Craig took us to Best Buy last week and we got a new video camera (a really cool one with a hard-drive and one-touch transferring to DVD) since our old one went kaput a while ago.

And my kids (husband) brought me a dozen roses yesterday too.

I'm a lucky woman. But I'm not telling my age. Let's just say I'm old enough.

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Tater and Tot said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I think those little voices singing are the best presents ever!

Tater and Tot said...

You've been tagged! Come over to see what it's about!

Harmonica Man said...

Well well well... HAPPY BIRTHDAY INDEED! Hope you had a GREAT day!

Gee, don't know why you didn't let them in the bathroom.

Kara said...

I heard through Sandy that your birthday was the 1st. Happy Birthday! (I think I do know your age, by the way.) :)

Kate said...

Happy Birthday! What a great birthday present. It's great to get all this stuff on video.

Mom Thumb said...

Adorable! Happy Birthday, and many more!

angi said...

Happy Belated

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