Monday, April 9, 2007

A Night Out

Tonight, Craig and I went to see these guys:

I got the tickets back in November and gave them to Craig for Christmas. I was able to get the tickets before most of our city even knew they were coming because I get their email newsletter.
My parents came to sit with the kids and Craig and I went out to eat before the show.
I thought the show was really fantastic. Funny. Loud.
I'd go again in a minute.
Find out when (or if) they'll be in your area here. You won't be sorry if you go, but you might be sorry if you don't after you hear everyone talking about it.

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Sandy said...

I'm SOOOO jealous!

Kurt and I saw them before the Intel ads and Las Vegas gigs, back when they were doing the show in a small theater in Chicago (1999).

I loved them then, and I was dying to go this year but a lack of funds kept us from going.

Does the show still include toilet paper streaming from the ceiling?

Kara said...

Ooooo, I saw that they were going to be here and yet didn't get tickets because Michael was going to be gone. I'm glad you had a good time... it looks like fun!

I think they are touring the midwest as we speak... Sioux Falls, here, and they were just up in Fargo.

Heather said...

No toilet paper, but they did shoot look-alike streamers out over the audience twice. I had to bring some home as a souvenir.

Craig and I had planned to go in '99 as well, but never got around to it. That's why I got the tickets for him for Christmas this year. I've subscribed to their email newsletter since '98 I think!

Mom Thumb said...

My son loved them so much that he shaved his head and put blue paint all over his head and face for Halloween. They were allowed to wear their costumes at school, but I think the school was regretting that decision. That blue paint tends to get all over everything! You've got some great pics up there!

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