Tuesday, April 3, 2007

The grocery store

The kids and I took a trip to the library this morning. It went pretty well, with limited looks of irritation from strangers, and few threatened actions from me for misbehavior.

After the library we ventured to the grocery store to pick up some more milk and grapes, the two things we always seem to run out of, and the two things that the kids seem to consume in massive quantities.

Armed with two snack-size bags of Cheerios and the school bus-shaped cart with TWO steering wheels, we entered the store on our mission.

I ended up getting about 6 more things than I had planned to get, but it wasn't too bad.

At the checkout we selected a line to stand in. Shortly after we made our choice, a manager came along and, looking directly at me, said "We can help you down here, Miss." So, I started to follow him. The elderly couple in the next line over took that as their cue to scoot in front of me.

I found their rudeness mildly irritating and began to compose my blog rant in my head. I returned to my original line, luckily not having lost my spot. The old farts and I ended up getting checked out at the same time so I guess I didn't lose out anyway. They probably had nowhere they needed to be and didn't have two kids grabbing at things in the aisle, but they felt it necessary to cut in front of me in line. Whatever. I was in a decent mood so it didn't bug me as much as it might if I was grouchy.

As I was waiting to pay and shooting daggers at the old couple it registered that there was a little old man talking to my kids. He wasn't touching them and he wasn't really invading their space, so I just smiled at him. Then I realized what he was doing.

He had his wallet open and was handing each of my kids one dollar. "You be sure to put those in your piggy banks now!" he counseled them.

"What do you say?" I prompted. "Thank you!" they both shouted at him.

On the way out of the store I thought well, that makes up for the rude people. Like some weird grocery store karma.

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Bonnie B said...

That is some crazy karma. What a nice old man-- and what rude old people. Well, who knows maybe the old guy was late for his heart pill and needed to get home pronto or his pacemaker would go off?

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