Wednesday, March 7, 2007

The Talent Show video and the sorry aftermath

So here it is...the video of my daughter's dance with her cherub choir for our church's talent show. Miss M is the one in the skirt.

(It is sort of long-ish, so if you have dial up like me you may want to skip it! But it is waaaaay cute. Just sayin'!)

Sooo, today I attempted to wash the t-shirt Miss M performed in. Um, don't put home-made iron-ons in the dryer. I washed the t-shirt in cold and stuck it in the dryer. On the lowest heat setting. Yeah, it still melted on itself and was pretty much ruined.
Miss M loved this t-shirt from the moment she saw it. She slept with it on Sunday night over her pjs.
I owned up to my mistake as soon as I realized it. Okay, about a half hour later since I was trying to stick it in the dryer to get the logo to un-stick itself.
Mom, I am soooo mad at you... I'm really worried about my shirt, mom... Are you sorry you hurt my shirt, mom?
Ouch. I have been dully chastised.
I have already purchased a new t-shirt and the choir teacher will print a new logo for me. I can fix it. But damn, a 4-year-old can make you really feel like crap.

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Kara said...

Oh they go straight for the heart, don't they??? Even if it is an accident!

Sandy said...

Darling! Isn't it funny to watch preschoolers shimmy?

Come to think of it...I guess it's funny to watch just about anyone shimmy.

Mom Thumb said...

That is too cute for words! Don't worry, she won't remember the t-shirt. But when she's a teen, watch out for her jeans. I'm just saying.

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